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Dylan O’Brien on the Stydia moment in the mid-season trailer at SDCC (x)

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Tom Mison at the Brave New Warriors Panel (SDCC 2014) [x]

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It has began.

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Arrow Cast at Comic-Con 2014 (x)

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Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes - SDCC 2014 [x]

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Reasons to cry:


You want to go to Comic con
You can’t go to Comic con
You won’t go to Comic con


#Sometimes i ask myself how it is possible for eleven to have fallen so hard for amy pond #and this is just one of the million reason i came up with #she just met him #that was like their second trip and she had already figured out who he is #how he feels after all those years wandering across the universe #and he knew in that moment that she was the one who could always understand him and support him #that she was the one he could always count on #no matter what

It took my parents a while to accept their feelings. Must run in the family.

2.05 // 4.06



This broke my heart. 

#what gets me #what fucking gets me with this little scene here #is that scott is completely changing what it means to be an alpha #we saw derek who means well but who was a complete hard ass toward his betas #and deucalion who punished his pack with pain #and peter who cared about nothing but himself and his power #and then we have scott mccall #who will die for his pack in a heartbeat #who tells his new beta that hes not a monster and that he should be proud of who he is #not afraid #and when someone in his pack is hurting #he gives them a fucking hug #and he does all of this while still staying strong and kicking ass every god damn time #and that is why scott mccall is the best and most respected alpha #because he gets the job done while still letting everybody know that his humanity and his humility and his compassion will never leave him

Prayer circle for Jmo and Colin to do Comic Con interviews together









teen wolf & entertainment weekly @ san diego comic con 2010-2014

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